1.Session information

As a main event, we will hold 37 lectures; 7 keynote speeches by an organizer, 24 professional lectures by associated companies and municipalities, and 6 panel discussions; at medium and small halls of the first venue “Akita Arts Theatre MILUHASU.” Each theme is described as below, and each speaker is introduced at a speaker page. We recommend you to purchase a ticket in advance for both offline and online watch. If you have a ticket, you can watch all speeches on demand for 24 hours from 14 November to 25 November.

Mille Has exterior image (Rendering)

Novenber 9th, Mills Has Medium Hall First day
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Session Frame Timeframe Number of Sessions Flame Theme
OR 9:15-9:20 1 Opening Remarks
HG 9:20-9:35 1 Host's Greeting
SG 9:35-9:45 1 Video Message
OS 9:45-10:50 4 Organizer Speeches
PD-S 11:00-12:00 1 Panel Discussion; -C-level Disucussion,Companies'strategies for the Japanese Offshore Wind Market
KN 13:00-14:30 3 Keynote Speeches; Offshore Wind Power Policies (tentative title)
PD-1 14:40-16:00 1 Panel Discussion; Strategies in the world's energy crisis, Act-1;
- Expectations on worldwide offshore wind
PD-2 16:10-17:30 1 Panel Discussion; Strategies in the world's energy crisis, Act-2;
- How to steady implement Japan'soffshore wind roadmap
Novenber 9th, Mille Has Small Hall-A
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Session Frame Timeframe Number of Sessions Flame Theme
SS-A 11:00-12:00 2 Specialized Sessions; Updates of technology, Part-1
KN 13:00-14:30 3 Public viewing of Keynote Speeches
SS-B 14:50-16:20 3 Specialized Sessions; Technical Policies for Promotion of Offshore Wind Power such as;
-Technical Supports / - Grid System Design / - Base Port Improvement
SS-C 16:20-16:50 1 Specialized Sessions; Skills and Training for Offhore Wind
SS-F 16:50-17:20 1 Specialized Sessions; Report on Experiences by Offshore wind developers and manufacturers, and Recommendations for Japan
Novenber 10th, Mills Has Medium Hall Day two
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Session Frame Timeframe Number of Sessions Flame Theme
SS-D 9:00-10:00 2 Specialized Sessions; Regional consensus building and indesutrial promotion in offshore wind power, from the perspective of the local government.
SS-F 10:10-11:10 2 Specialized Sessions; Report on Experiences by Offshore wind developers and manufacturers, and Recommendations for Japan.
SS-J 11:10-11:40 1 Specialized Sessions; "Business Viability" in today's business circumstances among offshore wind power: -Finance & Risk Management
PD-3 13:00-14:20 1 Panel Discussion; Regarding the technical requirements for offshore wind power development in Japan.
PD-4 14:30-15:50 1 Panel Discussion; Tasks and prospects for development of floating offshore wind power.
PD-5 16:00-17:20 1 Challenges and Prospects in Forme of Domestic Offshore Wind  Supply Chain -How to revitalize Japan with offshore wind power-
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CR 17:20-17:30 1 Clossing Remarks; JWPA
Novenber 10th, Mille Has Small Hall-A
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Session Frame Timeframe Number of Sessions Flame Theme
SS-E 9:00-10:00 2 Specialized Sessions; Updates of technology, Part-2
SS-G 10:10-11:40 3 Specialized Sessions; Updates on Business Development of Floating Offshore Wind Power
SS-H 13:00-14:00 2 Specialized Sessions; Updates of technology, Part-3
SS-I 14:00-15:00 2 Specialized Sessions; O & M technology and Workforce talent training in offshore wind power
SS-J 15:10-16:45 3 Specialized Sessions; "Business Viability" in today's business circumstances among offshore wind power: -Finance & Risk Management
SS-C 16:45-17:15 1 Specialized Sessions; Offshore Wind Power Policy in Denmark (tentative title)
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CR 17:20-17:30 1 Public viewing of Clossing Remarks
*Details are TBA

State of GOWS-J 2021

State of GOWS-J 2021

2.Exhibition booth & Business meeting

On the second floor of the second venue “Akita City Cultural Creation Center,” we have industrial exhibition booths by embassies and sponsoring companies, and their admission is free. There are panels, videos, and model displays, which introduce various initiatives by companies associated with offshore wind power. Furthermore, you can individually talk business about cooperation or trade with each exhibitioner, and participation fee is free. We will prepare meeting space (free seats on the third floor and paid private rooms on the second floor) for you.

【Venue No. 2:Akita City Cultural Creation Center】

Akita City Cultural Creation Center
  • 2F

    【corporate exhibition booths】​
    Starting with sponsors, corporate/group exhibits related to offshore wind power will be held.​

  • 2F

    【mini session space】​
    Mini sessions (presentations) by exhibition corporations will be held. The mini sessions will be distributed for one week on-demand.

  • 2F

    【special business meeting booth (private room)】​
    Private rooms are available for business meetings.

    To those who wish to book special business meeting booth

  • 3F

    【business meeting booth and open space】​
    Exhibitors and visitors can freely use the third floor for business meetings (free of charge).

  • 1000×2400 パネルパーテーション仕様

At the session space, exhibition companies will make a promotion, and exhibitors for a community section will have a session.

booth No. Exhibitor booth No. Exhibitor
EmbassyA Embassy of Norway I Iberdrola Renewables Japan
EmbassyB Royal Danish Embassy J Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation
A Cosmo Eco Power Co., Ltd. K Toda & Co.
B SSE Pacifico K.K L HOKUTAKU Co.,Ltd.
C Equinor New Energy B.V. M Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha, Ltd.
D Tokio Marine&Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd N MAINSTREAM RENEWABLE POWER
F DNV P wpd Japan K.K.
G JFE Engineering Corporation Q Daido Metal Co., Ltd.
H NYK Line
booth No. Exhibitor
大使館A ノルウェー大使館
大使館A デンマーク王国大使館
A コスモエコパワー株式会社
B SSEパシフィコ株式会社
C Equinor New Energy B.V.
D 東京海上日動火災保険株式会社
E 五洋建設株式会社
G JFEエンジニアリング株式会社
H 日本郵船株式会社
I Iberdorala
J 株式会社ユーラスエナジーホールディングス
K 戸田総合法律事務所
L 株式会社北拓
M 極東貿易株式会社
N 商談席
O 日鉄エンジニアリング株式会社
P wpdジャパン株式会社
Q 大同メタル工業株式会社

State of GOWS-J 2021

State of GOWS-J 2021

*The booth exhibit company names and the exhibit embassy names will be announced as soon as the names are confirmed.

3.Offshore wind power community corner

At the community section of the second venue, you can enter to each area, attend a session, and experience activities for free.

【Akita City Cultural Creation Center 1F】

Akita City Cultural Creation Center1F


Akita Experience Section

We will display documents and data about promotion measures of offshore wind power; locations of wind power stations in Akita prefecture, a map of offshore wind power planned sites, etc.; by Akita Prefecture’s Industrial Labor Department and Noshiro City’s Energy Industrial Policy Division. In addition, we will set up an acoustic section where you can hear a sound from wind power facilities, and a VR section where you can have a simulated experience when an engineer assembles offshore wind power.

Offshore Wind Power Archive Section

We will display posters of statistical data about global offshore wind power, documents about contribution to global warming countermeasures and industry, and ones for local residents to correctly understand offshore wind power. The posters have 7 themes; current status and future of offshore wind power in the world, its prospects in Japan, its features, its structure, its sound, its effects on fishery, its effects on environment. In addition, we will display photo panels of domestic and overseas offshore wind power stations.


State of GOWS-J 2021

Future creation plan of offshore wind power

A plan on presentations and poster displays in cooperation with local university students and local media, etc. on how offshore wind turbines should be in the future with the theme of harmonious relationship between offshore wind power generation and the community is under examination. In addition, an exhibit related to offshore wind power generation planned by Akita Prefecture is also being examined.
*Free admission to both corners

Women Empowerment Introduction Section

Women working in the industry associated with wind power will provide posters, sessions, and roundtables with members of society and students about women empowerment. They will be composed of various professionals; engineer, analyst, sales, HR, legal, researcher, etc.; and talk about initiatives to improve female ratio in this industry.


4.Side events

General reception

On the first day of this event (November 9), a general reception for participants will be held in the Akita Castle Hotel banquet hall near the venue. In addition to dinner (standing or seated), Japanese cuisine stalls and local entertainment can also be enjoyed.
The reception will also be attended by organizer/joint organizer executives (JWPA, GWEC, and Akita Prefecture). Furthermore, it will be a wonderful opportunity for interaction with domestic and international participants related to the offshore wind power industry. To attend the reception, please purchase an optional event ticket. ([Plan] 12,500yen/person, GWEC members and JWPA members receive a 20% discount, consumption tax not included)
*The reception may be canceled depending on the COVID-19 situation.



A tour of wind power generation related facilities around Akita City will be held on November 11. The current plan for destinations on the tour includes wind firms of the Akita Offshore Wind Corporation under construction at Akita Port and Noshiro Port (observation from the pier), Hitachi Power Solutions’ training center in Noshiro, and an onshore wind firm under operation on the coast of the prefecture. To participate in the sub-event tour, please purchase an optional event ticket ([Plan] 12,500yen/person, GWEC members and JWPA members receive a 20% discount, consumption tax not included).
*The tour may be canceled depending on the COVID-19 situation.


  • Hokutaku
  • ユーラスエナジー
  • equinor
  • Shell
  • Shell


  • SSE Pacifico
  • Japan Renewable Energy Corporation
  • DNV
  • Law Offices of Toda & Co.
  • JFE Engineering Corporation
  • MUFG Bank
  • skyborn renewables


  • Baker McKenzie
  • シーテック
  • Marnix
  • 東洋建設
  • TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc.
  • Vestas
  • MHI Vestas JAPAN
  • Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Offshore Design Engineering Limited
  • Ocean Winds
  • Principle Power
  • 大成建設
  • 大林組
  • 東亜建設

Reception SPONSOR

  • Akita Offshore Wind Corporation


  • Offshore Design Engineering Limited

Knowlege partner

  • Global Wind Organisation

Media partner

  • Akita Sakigake Shimpo
  • BoombergNEF
  • FORESIGHT Climate & Energy
  • reNEWS
  • offshoreWIND.biz
  • AustralASIA Resources

For prevention of the spread of COVID-19

In this event, appropriate measures will be taken according to the memo from the national government to each local government regarding measures to be taken for restrictions on holding events and the use of facilities, etc. in line with the state of emergency as well as national government policies, instructions from local governments, and the COVID-19 situation at the time.
*Visitors to the event are requested to receive the vaccination recommended by the government and confirm a negative PCR test result before participation.

  • wearing a mask

  • measuring body

  • sanitize frequently

  • Ventilation