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Kitakyushu (Kitakyushu City) is, ordinance-designated city in the northern part of Fukuoka Prefecture. 1963 (1963) Moji City on February 10, Kokura, Tobata City, was born in the newly established merger by 5 city of Yawata and Wakamatsu City, the first government-designated cities except in the three major metropolitan areas and prefectural capital have become. Facing the Kanmon Strait, located in Kyushu, the northernmost.

Green Energy Port HIBIKI

Green Energy Port Hibiki

"A green energy port, sounding" business aiming at accumulation of energy allied industries of wind power generation is being advanced from 2011 at vast industrial place and Wakamatsu ward Hibikinada Sea area with substantial harbor facilities by the this city doing harbor making which works on an area environmental issue aggressively as SDGs Future City.

~Commitments for substantiality in an overall base~

The center of the on the ocean wind power generation was Europe up to now, but while introduction of renewable energy is developed for global warming prevention, business has also started from Japan and Taiwan at Asia.
So European windmills manufacturer and basic manufacturer of off-shore wind turbine are considering supply of a part and location of the assembly plant to contemplate the spread expansion of Asian on the ocean wind power generation and produce windmills and foundation by Japan.

Because there are manufacturing industry and an advantage of the wide industrial place by the Hibikinada Sea area in a Kitakyushu area, and a factory advance to a Hibikinada Sea area can be expected from entry to part manufacturing by a local firm and outside the city, I'm working on entry support of a local firm and invitation of a factory aiming at an industrial base.
Base-ization of human resource development is considering a concrete development policy for substantiality of the O&M function of the on the ocean wind velocity.

Green Energy Port Hibiki

Tourist attraction

Kokura Castle
Kokura Castle

The castle, which was originally built in 1602 by Hosokawa Tadaoki, reopened in March 2019 with completely renovated exhibits in the castle tower. In the nearby Kokura Castle Japanese Garden, you can experience Japanese culture, such as traditional manners and tea ceremonies.


Sarakurayama (Mount Sarakura) is said to be the foremost of Kitakyushu nightscapes.
Transfer from the cable car to the slope car (a kind of monorail) to arrive at the mountain’s summit of 622 meters, where an observation deck affords you an unbroken view of the city.
The scenery spread out beneath your eyes is called “the 10-billion-dollar nightscape,” and is recognized as one of the New Three Major Night Views of Japan.
The observation deck’s restaurant allows you to enjoy a panorama with a field of view of over 200 degrees while dining.
The Tenku Dome (Sky Dome) on the summit is illuminated with holiday lighting on the weekend, making it a popular destination for couples on a romantic date.
A path is also available for mountain climbing, for which the area is also loved by city residents.

Cape Tomigahana
Cape Tomigahana

Cape Tomigahana is a scenic spot. From atop the cliff where Myokensaki Lighthouse stands, visitors can view the ever-changing colors of the sea, the islands floating on the water, and rockface composed of artistic patterns created by years of erosion. Although the daytime view is great, the evening landscape is also fantastic.

Mojiko Retro district
Mojiko Retro district

The Port of Moji (Mojiko) is an international trade port opened in 1889 and located at the northern edge of Kyushu.
Its prosperity as a transport hub attracted many Western-style buildings housing shipping companies and trading firms around it. The Mojiko Retro district is a restored reproduction of the district around the port in olden times.
In this district, various buildings have been preserved and are open to visitors, including the iconic Mojiko Station, former Moji Mitsui Club, where Einstein stayed, and former Kyushu Railway Headquarters (currently Kyushu Railway History Museum).
You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Japan in the late 19th to early 20th centuries here.

Kitakyu Movie Channel

Kitakyushu "Before-Advance-"

See / Know / Eat Kitakyushu Marukajiri! # 07 North and South of Kokura Station Kitakyushu




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