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  • Online Business Meetings

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  • Seminars A1・B2・B3・B4・C2・C3・C4
    (Live Stream/Timeshift Web)
  • Sponsor Channel (On-demand Video)
  • Online Business Meetings

Online Business Meetings
― Promote the company's technologies, products, and services to companies in Japan and overseas. ―

  • Online Business Meetings on ZOOM
  • Online Business Meeting Date & Time:October 7, 2021 (16:00-20:00: JST) / October 8, 2021 (16:00-20:00: JST)
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  • Application period for participation

Online Business Meetings

● The purpose of Online Business Meeting

  • For Japanese companies to propose their technologies, products, services, etc. to companies in Japan and overseas
  • For foreign companies to propose their technologies, products, services, etc. to companies in Japan
  • For Japanese companies and foreign companies to seek their partners

● Advantages of Online Business Meeting

Unlike conventional business meetings where a large number of people listen to a company’s presentation and then wait to be contacted, Online Business Meeting is a new and attractive style of business meeting because people who are interested in a company after watching a promotional video in advance apply for Online Business Meeting.

  • Promotional videos submitted by participating exhibitors will be shown in the exclusive Online Business Meeting website, available on demand basis, for three weeks before the event. Exhibitors can expect advertising outcome before having meetings.
  • Online Business Meeting is applied by ticket holders who will already have watched the promotional videos before application with the company who they have specific interests. Both sides can expect to have concrete discussions in the meeting.
  • The meetings are by advance reservation only. This should make attendee easier to schedule efficiently during the two-day meeting
  • Interpreters are available to facilitate business meetings with overseas (Japanese) companies.

● Outline of Online business meeting

  1. The promotional videos submitted in advance by participating exhibitors will be shown in the exclusive Online Business Meeting website. Online Business Meeting website will be available for three weeks (24 hours on demand) from around mid-September 2021 until the day before the event. This website will be noticed and open to all on/off line ticket holders*1. (Notification will be sent by e-mail on the day this website is released).
    *1: Estimated ticket to be sold: 250 offline tickets, 400 online tickets)
  2. Ticket holders who wish to have online business meeting with the companies listed on the page will apply from the ticket purchase page, indicating the company, date and time they wish to attend (the available hours of the listed companies will be displayed), contents of the business meeting and selection of the language (Japanese or English).After the application is submitted, an e-mail will be sent to the applicant and the participating exhibitors with access URL for Online Business Meeting by the day of the meeting. No fee will be charged to applicants for Online Business Meeting.
  3. The participant and the person in charge of the exhibiting company are requested to access ZOOM URL about 15minutes before the reservation time of the meeting. The ZOOM host (management office) will assign the participant to the “breakout room” so that both can meet online. The business meeting time is limited to within one hour.

● Terms and Conditions of Online Business Meeting for Exhibitors

The fee for exhibiting in Online Business Meetings is 200,000 yen. If you would like to become an exhibitor, please apply from the "Corporate Services" page of website. After application, the management staff will contact you for a detailed meeting.
Interpreters (Japanese/English) are available as an option (advance reservation required). There is no limit to the number of breakout rooms as long as the exhibiting company is able to respond to each business meeting (1 hour per meeting).

● Application period for exhibiting in Online Business Meeting

From July, 2021 until September 15, 2021

● Online business meeting flow

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